Having toured the world extensively over the past 5 years from the 3 Arena in Dublin to Radio City in New York and working with artists such as Gavin James, Celtic Woman, Tom Walker, Phil Coulter and Sharon Corr to name a few, Brian McGrane has certainly gained a wealth of experience and exposure to the industry. Born in the early 90's & being a self-produced artist with his own recording studio in Co. Meath, Ireland, Brian has carved out a unique sound for himself and has been releasing music since September 2018. While the core of his sound is centered at the piano, there is a true combination of organic and electronic instruments involved. Over the past few months some of his releases have been compared to Coldplay, with their melodic and atmospheric soundscapes while also likened to Jack Garratts' energetic and edgy synths.

Brian is constantly working on upping his game and his live show which involves playing multiple instruments including piano, guitar, synths and electronic percussion. Having recently supported Tom Walker in Kinsale Co. Cork, Brian is now putting plans in place for his first ever Irish Headline tour in 2020.